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Who Are we?

We provide affordable Bullk SmS services in Kenya. Free Bulk SmS integration, suitable for all your campaigns. SMS Gateway API provided.

Bestsms Kenya is the cheapest bulksms service and most convenient way to deliver information to a mass audience in Kenya. Bestsms has thus become a major bulksms marketing tool for many businesses in the country.

Meaning of Bulk SMS

Bulk messaging, also referred to as bulk SMS is the ability of sending multiple short messages via mobile platforms to numerous recipients by using application software programs. Through bulk SMS, it is possible to reach millions of recipients in a single message command on their various mobile platforms. These messages could be about promotions or other information broadcasts as well as customer alerts such as those concerning money transactions especially on credit card transactions.

Bulk SMS Kenya therefore offers various activities such as creating businesses, advertisements, scheduling of activities and events, marketing and promotional campaigns, tracking BulkSMS based campaigns as well as running of day to day activities of the organizations.

At One-stop Best Bulk SMS Kenya, we offer the best solutions to messaging in Kenya by ensuring an effective and secure channel.

One-Stop bulk SMS – Bulk SMS in Kenya

Are you in need of the most affordable and convenient bulkSMS platform to enable you to reach your audience in a fast, efficient and seamless manner? Look no further than best bulk SMS, Bestsms platform enables you to revolutionalize your communication through a reliable Bulk Sms platform that has gained popularity not only within the Kenyan boundaries but also from the African continent and in the international realm.

Organizations and institutions all over the world have embraced Bulk SMS in a bid to reach their audiences whenever they are whenever they are launching new products, informing of certain events and meetings both for governmental and non-governmental organizations as well as seeking consumer feedback and reviews on certain products or services offered.

 Through BulkSMS Kenya, it has become possible to avoid many barriers to efficient communication  such as cost implications and most importantly saving on time and human resource. One-stop Bulk sms platform gives our clients a chance to reach their audiences in a convenient way since the Bulk sms messages can be sent to all the desired recipients at the most appropriate day or time as required.

We are driven by values

The success of best bulk sms has been made possible as a result of the shared values within the organization. We value transparency, honesty and efficiency.

Why choose One-Stop Best Bulk SMS Kenya Platform

One-stop offers the cheapest services in the country as well as ensuring fast and effective delivery of information across all networks. For as low as 0.8 cents for an individual SMS you will be able to enjoy our world class services and join other leading organizations who have embraced our platform across the globe. Our company has been rated among the best Bulk service providers within the region and is also widely viewed as the best option to turn to according to our customer reviews.

Super Efficient

Our Bulksms software has the ability to integrate with any software, whether biometric or the sale system. In addition to the system having a 100% delivery system, one can correspond their company website with our free sms to send texts from the website

Deeply Committed

The company gives to its customer’s thoroughgoing satisfaction, where after one’s first experience, they do not vacillate to be part of the company’s family. The assurance of quick and reliable delivery is also a strong aspect of the company’s operations; which they offer at 99.9% assurance.

Highly Skilled

Best BulkSMS Kenya enhances the sending and tracking of SMS based campaigns.